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Home Audio System Installation

Being in this industry for over 20 years, there isn’t much we haven't come across. We realized that we wanted to be able to help our customers the way we feel they want and deserve to be helped. We've worked for the "Mom and Pop" shops all the way up to the "Best Big Box Stores". Yet, it felt like we were missing something or being held back.

After deliberating for many years, talking with a few good friends, getting the support from those friends and family and knowing in the background that this has been our dream for a long time. We are happy to finally be able to say REAL AUDIO CONCEPTS is here. We’re here waiting, willing and wanting to help you with any audio project that you may have been dreaming of yourself.

We've designed and installed everything from the basic single room of audio system to the most in-depth and complex automated home theatre systems available today. Having a starting background in car audio gives you a huge advantage compared to a lot of my competitors. We also have the ability to bring our "Mobile Installation Bay" to your home or business, making it even easier for you to get what you want.

The number of different brands we've sold and installed in the past also gives you an advantage. Brands like Klipsch, Monitor Audio, JL Audio, Crown, Paradigm, McIntosh, Elan g!, SONOS, Vanco, MTX, Kicker, Stillwater designs, Pioneer, Sony and Samsung to name a few.

Having a background in networking and telecom gives you the advantage of being able to control all of your equipment in ways that make it both easy and customizable to your individual needs. That being said, this also allows us to fulfill your needs and wants from end to end without having to find and hire any additional contractors.

So what are you dreaming about? 

--- Rick Cope ---